Trial Aromatherapy Massage
Shorter menu for THANN Aromatherapy Massage.
Treatment Time 35 min / Total Time 45 min ¥10,500 (+tax)
Trial Facial
Shorter menu for facial treatment.
Treatment Time 35 min / Total Time 45 min ¥10,500 (+tax)


Sanctuary Signature Massage
A deep tissue treatment, incorporating firm palm, thumb and forearm pressure to relieve and heal muscular aches and pains. Employing a unique blend of Thai and other Asian healing techniques combined with an ingenious blend of aromatic essential oils to treat the individual needs of your body and skin. This perfect rejuvenating massage treatment helps to induce relaxation and ease away tension. It is highly recommended for active people or after any sports activity.  *Including special head massage
Treatment Time 90 min / Total Time 120 min ¥22,000 (+tax)
Nano Shiso Therapy
This very unique treatment incorporates the healing properties of Shiso in a 60 minute massage of your choice, THANN Aroma or Swedish Body Massage, and our 70 minute Nano Shiso Rejuvenating Facial. Shiso extract is an anti-oxidant, natural moisturizer and combined with Rice Bran Oil will help nourish and heal your whole body.
Treatment Time 130 min / Total Time 160 min ¥26,000 (+tax)


Aromatherapy Massage
Ideal to restore suppleness and softness for optimal comfort: a wonderfully relaxing therapy provides light pressure detoxifying lymphatic massage to relieve stress and key areas of tension and muscle tightness. A beautiful scent of aromatic essential oil of your choice will enliven the overall senses of calm harmony for a peaceful sleep and a refreshing body.
Treatment Time 60 min / Total Time 90 min ¥14,500 (+tax)
Treatment Time 90 min / Total Time 120 min ¥20,000 (+tax)
Swedish Massage
This well-known treatment caters to your specific needs to help relieve the build-up of tension that causes stiff muscles and poor circulation. Friction, kneading and hacking techniques are utilized along with our scintillating Body Butter Massage Cream to help stimulate blood circulation and improve muscle oxygenation. It is an absolute balancing treatment for all natural energy through the body. This treatment can be used by sport players to equilibrium the body health.
Treatment Time 60 min / Total Time 90 min ¥14,500 (+tax)
Treatment Time 90 min / Total Time 120 min ¥20,000 (+tax)
Total Serenity
This reviving full body experience combines a relaxing body massage and a nourishing facial treatment. A beautiful scent of aromatic essential oil of your choice will enliven the overall senses of calm harmony for a peaceful sleep and a refreshing body. In addition, a technique of rebalancing lymphatic drainage massage on facial encourages visibly clear complexion and firming.
Treatment Time 90 min / Total Time 120 min ¥22,000 (+tax)
Relaxing Foot Therapy
This therapy helps boost the immune system, guides the body to a more balanced state of equilibrium and improves blood circulation. Foot therapy begins with mineral enriched foot bath and exfoliation. This nourishing massage and reflexology relief stiff muscle results in relaxing mind and body.
Treatment Time 60 min / Total Time 90 min ¥14,500 (+tax)


Purifying Facial
For all skin types, this treatment begins with a gentle wash with our Facial Cleanser. Detoxifying Clay Mask effectively removes make-up, dirt and toxins embedded in the pores. Oatmeal Face Scrub further removes dead cells and impurities whilst also nourishing that make your skin look glowing. Rice Extract Cream is sure to leave your skin feeling clean and silky soft.
Treatment Time 70 min / Total Time 100 min ¥16,000 (+tax)
Nano Shiso Anti-Aging Facial
Utilizing the benefits of Nano Shiso Oil this treatment can significantly improve the skin’s appearance and moisture level, as dryness is one of the major causes of the aging process. Savor the results of cleansing, toner, scrub, massage, treatment and Anti-aging Facial Cream from our Shiso line revealing a brighter, younger you.
Treatment Time 70 min / Total Time 100 min ¥16,000 (+tax)


Parts Treatment
Treatment Time 30 min ¥6,000 (+tax)
This medium pressure massage is performed with your choice of the back, legs and lower legs & foot reflexology. Loosening up the tight muscles caused by busy modern lifestyles, this treatment will improve circulation, induce deep relaxation and ease away chronic muscular aches and pain.
Body Scrub
Treatment Time 30 min ¥6,000 (+tax)
Reveal a healthy complexion with a botanic or mineral scrub of your choice whilst light massage stimulates energy flow. Ideal for combining with body treatment menu or facial treatment menu.
Head Treatment
Treatment Time 10 min ¥2,000 (+tax)
This optional head treatment will release tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, whilst leaving the face smooth, toned and tightened. We recommend to combine this with a body or facial treatment.
Cleansing & Facial Scrub
Treatment Time 30 min ¥4,000 (+tax)
All the benefits of this treatment are highly successful in creating smooth and radiant looking skin, while the skin undergoes deep cleansing.
Clay Mask
Treatment Time 30 min ¥4,000 (+tax)
Nutrient rich kaolin, bentonite and Japanese tanakura clays absorb toxins and clean up dirt embedded in pores. Cucumber and rose extracts help soothe skin while vitamin-E rich rice bran oil provides nourishment and protection from harmful environment.

Nano Shiso Mask
Treatment Time 30 min ¥4,000 (+tax)
Combination of Essence Liquid which is specially formulated to replenish skin moisture and Complex Powder with Grope fruit and Mulberry root extracts improves skin radiance and lead to younger, softer skin.

All prices are subject to consumption tax

Spa Etiquette:
* Pre-treatment consultation, changing and preparing, foot bath are included for total time.
*Cancelation policy: In the event of late cancellation we will charge 50% of the scheduled service fee. In the event of failure to show up for your appointment we will charge 100% of the scheduled service fee.
*For your late arrivals, your treatment would be shortened and finished within the scheduled time slot, for the courtesy of next guests.
*Guests, who are pregnant or have had any surgery and/or medical concerns including allergy, are advised to consult their physician before booking our spa services.


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